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Indulging your workspace with sophistication.


Designing your office kitchen or pantry with modern build-outs that are impressive, yet tasteful. We will work with you 1:1 to design the buildout suited best for your needs. All build-outs are complimentary based on package.



& juices

We will present to you our local artisanal coffee roasters who source only organic and fair trade products. Our local brews are not just your average cup of joe, made from premium coffee beans for a delicious start to your day. We also offer a variety of unique fresh pressed juices.


We will provide an assortment of premium yogurts, milks and dairy alternatives sourced only from local farms. Our number one priority is to ensure the milk we provide comes only from humanely treated grass-fed cows. To ensure we are bestowing the freshest milk possible, our milk comes from cows milked just the week prior. We also have a variety of up and coming yogurt offerings packed with protein and calcium to keep the brain’s in the office functioning throughout the day. We understand that not everyone drinks dairy- we have a vast selection of dairy alternatives to meet these needs.


We’re not your average assortment of granny smiths, overly ripe bananas and unseasonal oranges. We take fruit to a new level. Our offering of fruit ranges from local seasonal grows (who doesn’t look forward to a fresh honey-crisp apple come September?) to exotic finds like dragonfruit. Plus, we present it in a convenient, creative and pristine way.


Sourced Vegetables

We are interested in showcasing our local farmer's vegetables that are grown with precision and care. Unlike bigger companies that mass produce, we are concerned with only presenting naturally grown items, and seasonal local faves.

We also make vegetables more desirable by offering them in an easy grab and go way. An added bonus is they often come with healthy dipping sauces for a quick and fulfilling pick-me-up.


We provide our healthy, yet tasty snack programs in bulk or individually packaged. Leave the creativity to us, we will curate your program based on popularity so your employees are happy and healthy. We will showcase local products like Heavenly Hummus, one of our most popular items, to our locally baked all natural oat bars.


Outfitting your office with local waters and fizzes is our specialty!

Let us decorate your fridge with beverage basics and healthy alternatives. From soft drinks to freshly squeezed juice, to sparkling waters, to sports drinks, and on-the-rise brands of beverages, we promise to quench your thirst!


We love to partner with the most spectacular local bagel and bread shops. Let us design and showcase a box to your liking, filling your office with comforting, warm aromas and stories to keep the stomachs and hearts of your office full.

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